IŽll Remember

IŽll Remember

Artist Madonna
Album Something To Remember
Udgivet 1995
Spornummer 2
Min bedømmelse
Udgivelse Single
Vist 2001 gange


Mmmm, mmmm Say good-bye to not knowing when The truth in my whole life began Say good-bye to not knowing how to cry You taught me that [Chorus (first time substitute "strength" for "love" and "saved" for "changed"):] And IŽll remember the love that you gave me Now that IŽm standing on my own IŽll remember the way that you changed me IŽll remember Inside I was a child That could not mend a broken wing Outside I looked for a way To teach my heart to sing [chorus] I learned to let go of the illusion that we can possess I learned to let go, I travel in stillness And IŽll remember happiness IŽll remember (IŽll remember) Mmmmm... (IŽll remember) Mmmmm... [chorus] (IŽll remember) No IŽve never been afraid to cry Now I finally have a reason why IŽll remember (IŽll remember) [repeat 3 times, substituting "And" for "Now" the second and third times]


Titel Udgivet Album Bedømmelse
IŽll Remember 1995 Something To Remember