The Beast Within

The Beast Within

Artist Madonna
Album The Immaculate Collection
Udgivet 1990
Spornummer 18
Min bedømmelse
Udgivelse Single, Bonus
Vist 2225 gange

B-side til singlen "Justify My Love"


Blessed is he who reads aloud the words of the prophecy And blessed are those who hear And who keep what is written therein For the time is near He is coming with the clouds And every eye will see him Everyone who pierced him And all the tribes of the earth will wail on account of him Those of you who have not learned What some call the deep things of Satan I know your works I know your toil And your patient endurance And how you cannot hear evil men But have tested those who call themselves Apostles But are not And found them to be false I know you are enduring patiently And bearing out For my namesake And you have not grown weary But I have this against you That you have abandoned The love you had I know your tribulation and your poverty And the slander of those who say That they are Jews But they are not They are a synagogue of Satan Do not fear what you are about to suffer Behold the devil is about to throw you into prison Wanting Needing Waiting For you To justify my love Hoping Praying For you To justify my love And I saw a beast rising out of the sea With ten horns and seven heads And a blasphemous name upon its head And the beast that I saw was like a leopard Its feet were like a bearīs And its mouth was like a lionīs mouth And to it the dragon gave his power And his throne And great authority One of his heads had a mortal wound But it seemed to have a mortal wound That was healed And the whole earth followed the beast with wonder Men worshipped the dragon For he had given his authority to the beast And they worshipped the beast saying "Who is like the beast and who can fight against the beast?" And the beast was given a mouth Uttering haughty and blasphemous words And it was allowed to exercise authority for forty-two months It opened its mouth to utter blasphemous Words Against God It was allowed to make war on the saints And to conquer them And authority was given it over every tribe And a people and tongue and nation And all who dwell on earth could worship it In vain If anyone has an ear let him hear If anyone is to be taken captive, into captivity he will go If anyone who slays with the sword, with the sword Wanting Needing Waiting For you To justify my love Hoping Then I saw a new heaven And a new earth And I heard a great voice from the throne saying "Behold the dwelling of God is with men He will dwell with them And they shall be his people And God himself will be with them People will wipe away every tear from their eyes And death shall be no more Neither shall there be mourning Nor crying Nor pain Anymore For these things will have passed away To the thirsty I will give water without price From the fountain of the water of life He who conquers shall have this heritage And I will be his God and he shall be my son But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted As for the murderers, fornicators, sorcerers, idolators And all liars Their lot shall be in the lake That burns with fire and brimstone" And he said to me He said to me "Do not seal up the words of the prophecy For the time is near Let the evildoers still do evil And the filthy still be filthy And the righteous still do right And the holy still be holy Behold I am coming soon I am the alpha And the omega The first And the last The beginning And the end" Amen What are you gonna do?


Titel Udgivet Album Bedømmelse
The Beast Within 1990 The Immaculate Collection
The Beast Within 2005 Im Going To Tell You A Secret