Titel År Bedømmelse Album
4 Minutes 2008 Hard Candy
American Life 2003 American Life
Bad Girl 1992 Erotica
Bedtime Story 1994 Bedtime Stories
Bitch Im Madonna 2015 Rebel Heart
Borderline 1984 The First Album
Burning Up 1983 The First Album
Celebration 2009 Celebration
Crazy For You 1985 Intet album
Dear Jessie 1989 Like A Prayer
Deeper And Deeper 1992 Erotica
Dont Tell Me 2000 Music
Express Yourself 1989 Like A Prayer
Frozen 1998 Ray Of Light
Future Lovers / I Feel Love 2007 The Confessions Tour
Ghosttown 2015 Rebel Heart
Girl Gone Wild 2012 MDNA
Give It 2 Me 2008 Hard Candy
Hung Up 2005 Confessions On A Dance Floor
I Love New York 2007 The Confessions Tour
Into The Groove 1985 Like A Virgin
Jump 2005 Confessions On A Dance Floor
Justify My Love 1990 The Immaculate Collection
La Isla Bonita 1986 True Blue
Like A Prayer 1989 Like A Prayer
Like A Virgin 1984 Like A Virgin
Live To Tell 1986 True Blue
Living For Love 2014 Rebel Heart
Love Profusion 2003 American Life
Lucky Star 1983 The First Album
Material Girl 1984 Like A Virgin
Music 2000 Music
Nothing Really Matters 1998 Ray Of Light
Oh Father 1989 Like A Prayer
Open Your Heart 1986 True Blue
Papa Dont Preach 1986 True Blue
Rain 1992 Erotica
Ray Of Light 1998 Ray Of Light
Secret 1994 Bedtime Stories
Sorry 2005 Confessions On A Dance Floor
Take A Bow 1994 Bedtime Stories
The Power Of Goodbye 1998 Ray Of Light
True Blue 1986 True Blue
Turn Up the Radio 2012 MDNA
Vogue 1990 Im Breathless
What It Feels Like For A Girl 2000 Music
Youll See 1995 Something To Remember